Maris Stella Kindergarten
49B Holland Road Singapore 258 851 Tel: 6474 3590
Fax: 6479 2874

Principal: Ms Monica Cheng


  To Love through Love
  Message from Sr Mary Soh

Our History

In 1953, six Franciscan missionaries of Mary who were expelled from China, arrived in Singapore. Singapore had always been a popular stop-over enroute to China or Japan, but this time it was to be home for us.

We made this home our base. We later discovered that there was a need for a nursery and kindergarten for the people living around the area, hence the birth of Maris Stella Kindergarten.

Our first class began on 15 January 1954 with 30 children from 26 different nationalities. Over the years, the number of students expanded to over 600. In 1984, due to pressing demands, afternoon classes were held to cater to the long waiting list.

One never stops. Our kindergarten will exist as long as there is a purpose for it. We wish to continue to serve our children and give them our very best - an environment which is homely and conducive for their physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth and most importantly, where love prevails.

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